How low can they go?

Spot rates on the Asia-North Europe trade have fallen to near-record lows. Drewry analyses how many ships in the trade are losing money to see how much further they could fall.

Carriers’ roadmap for recovery has centred o...

One thought on “How low can they go?


    While there is growing concerns of touching a low the paradox is to ascertain abyss in current scenario wherein input costs (more commonly fuel) is also falling or remaining flat at lower levels..

    Thus Carriers stand to maintain cost reduction tools of stow streaming, administrative restructuring, loop alignments, phasing out of smaller vessels so on and so forth…

    Also whats important is to realise that this is a no gainer scenario for entire industry as all savings are quickly transferred (carrier-fwdr-shipper-csgn-mkt) only to maintain their operating profits

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