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Actively idling

Owners are rapidly laying up containerships as the market slows. The size of the idle fleet will get bigger while rates and profits slide. To...

East/West: Med-North America

Balance transfer Declining US exports have pushed eastbound North America to Med volumes to below half that of the westbound leg. The gap between...

North/South: Asia-Oceania

Boomerang effect Asia to Oceania rates are picking up again after a mid-year lull as carriers better balance supply with demand. From this issue...

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Trade Route Analysis

Trade Routes:


Asia-North Europe
2015-37 | 13th September 2015
Med-North America
2015-47 | 22nd November 2015
North Europe-North America
2015-45 | 8th November 2015


Asia-Mid East-South Asia
2015-46 | 15th November 2015
Europe-Mid East-South Asia
2015-42 | 18th October 2015