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Breaking the mould

Matson is an anomaly in container shipping – an independent niche carrier that is thriving in a highly competitive East-West trade. Back in April...

East/West: North Europe-North America

Transatlantic upgrade For years the sleeping dog of container trades, the Transatlantic is now waking up as strong westbound traffic is attracting...

North/South: Asia-Mid East-South Asia

Ray of light Carriers are enjoying strong westbound traffic growth to South Asia and the Middle East. Container traffic from Asia to the Middle...

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Trade Route Analysis

Trade Routes:


Asia-North Europe
2015-13 | 29th March 2015
Med-North America
2015-11 | 15th March 2015
North Europe-North America
2015-21 | 24th May 2015


2015-12 | 22nd March 2015
Asia-Mid East-South Asia
2015-21 | 24th May 2015
Asia-West Africa
2015-14 | 5th April 2015
Europe-Mid East-South Asia
2015-18 | 3rd May 2015