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Low-sulphur costs charging in

Carriers reveal how much they will ask shippers for low-sulphur fuel surcharges. In late May, Drewry’s Container Insight Weekly highlighted the...

East/West: Asia-WCNA

No gain without pain The strength of West Coast imports in the third quarter has caught many by surprise and has exposed weaknesses in the intermodal...

North/South: Europe-Mid East-Indian Subcont

Fast growing trade enters slow season Return of European recession fears and geopolitical tensions in the Middle East a dark cloud for fast growing...

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Trade Route Analysis

Trade Routes:


Asia-North Europe
2014-42 | 12th October 2014
Med-North America
2014-41 | 5th October 2014
North Europe-North America
2014-40 | 28th September 2014


Asia-Mid East-Indian Subcont
2014-40 | 28th September 2014
Asia-West Africa
2014-42 | 12th October 2014
Europe-Mid East-Indian Subcont
2014-44 | 26th October 2014