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Financing ULCVs

Orders for big container ships are gaining momentum. How are the lines, many of whom are still in serious debt, able to both finance and pay back the...

East/West: North Europe-North America

Splinter group A strengthening dollar versus the euro in the latter months of 2014 splintered the growth directions for the west and eastbound...

North/South: Asia-Mid East-South Asia

A good year but little reward for carriers The Middle East and South Asia are the emerging-market poster boys for container growth, but overcapacity...

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Trade Route Analysis

Trade Routes:


Asia-North Europe
2014-48 | 23rd November 2014
Med-North America
2014-47 | 16th November 2014
North Europe-North America
2015-09 | 1st March 2015


Asia-Mid East-South Asia
2015-09 | 1st March 2015
Asia-West Africa
2014-48 | 23rd November 2014
Europe-Mid East-South Asia
2015-06 | 8th February 2015