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Ocean Three v other mega-alliances

Last Tuesday’s announcement of the formation of the “Ocean Three” alliance – actually a combination of vessel sharing, slot exchange and slot...

East/West: Asia-WCNA

Revenues finally on the rise Strong second quarter eastbound cargo growth and a receding threat of labour stoppage at the USWC terminals has provided...

North/South: Europe-Mid East-Indian Subcont

Steady growth maintained Anticipated capacity cuts will bolster utilisation as westbound traffic growth proves the resilience of this trade. ...

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Trade Route Analysis

Trade Routes:


Asia-North Europe
2014-36 | 31st August 2014
Med-North America
2014-35 | 24th August 2014
North Europe-North America
2014-34 | 17th August 2014


Asia-Mid East-Indian Subcont
2014-34 | 17th August 2014
Asia-West Africa
2014-36 | 31st August 2014
Europe-Mid East-Indian Subcont
2014-38 | 14th September 2014