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Is a free market best?

When it comes to port development, many governments now favour letting the market decide where expansion should take place, whereas most other...

E/W Supply/demand: Asia-Med

Unexpected bonus Ocean carriers’ vessels from Asia to the Mediterranean were surprisingly full between May and June due to unpredicted cargo...

E/W Pricing: Asia-Med

Mediterranean summer for carriers Shippers had to pay much more from Asia to the Mediterranean between April and July due to ships being full. ...

N/S Supply/demand: Europe-ECSA

Bigger, better, but slower Hamburg Sud’s new Cap San vessels are larger, more draught efficient and reefer friendly than their predecessors, but...

N/S Pricing: Europe-ECSA

The cost of carrying empties Although the trade lane between Europe and ECSA remains southbound dominant, much southbound vessel capacity is still...

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Trade Route Analysis

Trade Routes:


Asia-North Europe
2014-30 | 20th July 2014
Med-North America
2014-29 | 13th July 2014
North Europe-North America
2014-28 | 6th July 2014


2014-29 | 13th July 2014
Asia-Mid East-Indian Subcont
2014-28 | 6th July 2014
Asia-West Africa
2014-30 | 20th July 2014
Europe-Mid East-Indian Subcont
2014-26 | 22nd June 2014