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Reefer madness

Despite a variety of adverse economic and climatic conditions, perishable reefer cargo growth appears unstoppable, according to Drewry’s latest...

East/West: Med-North America

Carriers face tough capacity choices With backhaul traffic virtually half the volume of fronthaul volumes, drastic capacity cuts are needed to shore...

North/South: Asia-Mid East-South Asia

Overcrowded market killing rates Westbound traffic to the Middle East and South Asia remains strong but extra capacity is weighing heavy on freight...

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Trade Route Analysis

Trade Routes:


Asia-North Europe
2015-25 | 21st June 2015
Med-North America
2015-34 | 23rd August 2015
North Europe-North America
2015-33 | 16th August 2015


2015-24 | 14th June 2015
Asia-Mid East-South Asia
2015-34 | 23rd August 2015
Asia-West Africa
2015-26 | 28th June 2015
Europe-Mid East-South Asia
2015-30 | 26th July 2015