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What next for THE Alliance?

Hanjin’s bankruptcy leaves the proposed carrier grouping THE Alliance at a size disadvantage to both its future rivals. Might a replacement be...

East/West: Asia-WCNA

End of a chapter Carriers wisely cut services in the second quarter to make way for significant revenue improvement in the third quarter despite...

North/South: Europe-Mid East-South Asia

Addressing a disconnect Shipping lines in the Europe-MidE-South Asia trades are challenged by temporary peaks and longer term potential. The...

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Trade Route Analysis

Trade Routes:


Asia-North Europe
2016-35 | 28th August 2016
Med-North America
2016-32 | 7th August 2016
North Europe-North America
2016-19 | 8th May 2016


Asia-Mid East-South Asia
2016-20 | 15th May 2016
Asia-West Africa
2016-36 | 4th September 2016
Europe-Mid East-South Asia
2016-39 | 25th September 2016